As a female entrepreneur, you are likely acutely aware of what your business needs to thrive and flourish.

You see the value in investing in different courses and programs, software, and building the team out to ensure your clients and customers get the best service.

In my experience it is likely that you aren’t taking the same care of yourself as you are your business.

I’ve seen this time and time again with the incredibly talented and ambitious women I work with.

They are committed to their businesses and love what they do, yet still end up feeling burned out and overwhelmed.

Utterly exhausted, they realize something needs to change, but they aren’t sure what. Often when we start thinking about creating change in our lives we need to change everything at once.

For many of us, it can be far too easy to put ourselves at the bottom of our task list. Giving everyone else our attention, that there is none left for us.

If we looked closely though, we would see that this lack of attention being paid to our own health and wellbeing is costing us.

In our businesses, but also our personal lives.

When we are feeling drained, lacking energy, and self- conscious because we don’t feel good in our bodies, and aren’t treating them all that well, it shows up in every area of our business too.

It is hard to be fully present, giving our all to everyone and everything else, when sometimes our most basic self/ soul- care needs aren’t being met.

Perhaps, you have a list of goals you’d like to start working on.

Maybe some of them include eating healthier or working out more.

Losing a few pounds (thanks to COVID)

Or it might even be something as simple as starting a new morning routine..

Whatever the personal goals are you’ve set for yourself (that you’re having a hard time reaching), I want you to think about starting small.

Forget the idea that you have to completely overhaul your entire lifestyle right now.

Instead, focus on making just one small shift.

Look for the lowest hanging fruit. What is the one, small thing that if you could do it consistently it would pay off in 6 months? A year?

This approach is not nearly as sexy as some of the other extreme approaches, but when it feels simple and doable, you will find yourself more motivated to keep adding to the list.

Sometimes we have to swap the sexy for what works. If you’re like me, you’ve had your fair share of quick fixes and extreme attempts.

How does this look practically speaking for you?

Let’s say you have a goal of exercising more.

Instead of jumping into a 5 or 6 day workout program. You’d start with maybe 10 minutes 2x a week. Or maybe it would be a walk around the block before you dive into work.

The beautiful thing is, you get to decide.

This is part of the reason picking the easiest thing to do or the thing that sounds the most fun is important.

Next, look at how you can build this new activity into your daily routine as is.

Once you get a couple weeks of consistency under your belt, slowly add on from there.

The tricky part will be not beating yourself up when you miss a day or when it doesn’t feel like it’s enough.

Habit change takes time. A lot of practice. So as you work to implement new habits into your lifestyle, remember to practice grace and compassion with yourself too.

Alisha Carlson is a Non- Diet Lifestyle Coach for Women. She teaches women how to create a healthier lifestyle by partnering with their bodies through food and exercise. Alisha believes that when women heal their relationships with themselves, food, and exercise, they become unstoppable in their lives and careers.

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