If I could wave a magic wand and in an instant all of humanity was living inside the center of their hearts where we all understood and knew that each and every one of us are all magnificent, sovereign and free – and so we loved ourselves deeply, and we saw each other through the eyes of our hearts….that would be my dream come true.  

I believe it’s possible for us to create this heaven on earth – and I’m passionate to do my part to make it so.  

Heaven on earth begins with us, inside our inner world – and so I love to help people notice their inner conversations and begin a new loving relationship with themselves so that they can set themselves free to live the life they dream of – the deep, rich, fulfilling, joyful life they have always wanted, but felt like they could never really have.

My journey has taken many turns from judging, criticizing everything about myself, being completely uncomfortable in my own skin and wanting to hide most of my life – to now knowing a deep self-love and gratitude for all of my life, and an appreciation for every day that I live in this sacred and miraculous life.  

Three years ago, I read the book – The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra.  I had no idea when I picked that book up it would be the real ‘how to truly love yourself’ guide that I had been searching for forever.  

This book is a living transmission that changed my life, the words spoke of love, sovereignty, freedom, prosperity, divine feminine leadership – and Ascended Master mentors to walk beside me every step.  The Sophia Code transformed me beyond my happiest imaginings.

I am now a passionate leader of the Sophia Circle Journeys tm, a 13-week circle journey where we meet once a week and participants dive deep into the journey into their own precious sacred heart, embodying this work as they set themselves free –  and in their sovereignty create and begin to live their greatest life and highest potential, no matter outside circumstances.

At this time a Sophia Circle Journey is currently in progress and will end the end of April.  There is already a waiting list for the next 13-week Sophia Circle Journey beginning mid-May.  If you are feeling drawn to know more about participating in the next Sophia Circle Journey, reach out and we can set up an exploratory call to know whether this journey is a fit for you and at this time in your life.