The Lesson I Learned About Networking From Starbucks

Showing Up

 Nearly every morning, probably like many of you, I go to my local Starbucks to get my morning coffee or tea.  

 I show up.  I smile. I say hello.  I get my coffee. I say thank you.  I say goodbye.

I often use their names.

 Over and over day after day, I show up and do the same thing.

 But one day it was different.  I walked in and 2 of the 3 people working said to me, “Good morning Georgiana”  I had to stop and think.  I looked around to see if there was someone else there that I knew.  But no, there was no one else.  It was the people who work there every, or almost every morning that I show up.

 I asked the cashier, “How could you possibly remember me of all the people you serve each day?”  She responded, “I don’t know, there is just something about you.”

 The lesson for me is if all we do is show up we can still go unnoticed.  It is who we are being and our intention when we show up that matters.

 Who am I going to be? And what’s my intention?

 These questions have transformed my experience and my results throughout my life.

 This lesson has really emphasized for me the importance of not only showing up, but having a clear intention of who I am going to be and what I am there for.  

 Some years ago I took a course and part of the homework was to leave every bathroom I went in better off than the way it was when I entered.  I thought it odd at the time, but now, 20 years later every time I walk in a bathroom before I leave I make sure it is better than when I arrived.

 At that time I took it to the next level.  I created my own game or homework.  The game is to leave people better out of being with me.  This meant every person.  From the Starbucks Barista to a client and everything in between.

 Over the years I have won that game and I have lost that game.  And that day in Starbucks I saw the results of winning that game. 

 The one thing I know for sure is that I have learned so much about myself and how who I am being and the intention I have makes a profound impact on my everyday life and often others life as well.

 It’s Not Always Easy But It Is Worthwhile

 It takes courage to be a business owner.  It is a warrior attitude that has me ongoingly learning and testing new ideas. 

 It is more than just getting results, although results are really great too.  It is about creating a business and a life that makes me proud.  Proud of how I show up for people.  Proud of what I do in the world and the difference I make.  And proud of who I have become. 

 I am a brave, bold warrior.  I am empowered and empowering.  I am creating wild success for myself and others.  I am a woman business owner.

 So who will you be?  And what’s your intention?