Sheila works with pissed-off people who are tired of being frustrated with all the humans in their lives! As a coach, she helps them manage emotions and create lives that are fulfilling and satisfying. They get to be the calm in the storm.

Prior to becoming a life coach, she was a professional badass. She worked in the timber industry and was a leader and mentor in every job she held, from clean-up to Production Supervisor. She drove and taught forklift, was a Journeyman Saw Filer, did safety and chainsaw training, and supervised a male-dominated crew in the lumber mill on the craziest work shift ever!

It was hard work, but the most difficult part was seeing co-workers fighting with the people they cared about and not knowing how to help them. She saw them struggle with family strife while working weird hours and feeling stuck in their jobs. They were angry and frustrated and counting the days until retirement. She knew this was not how things had to be and she was determined to make a difference.

After discovering and hiring her first coach in 2014, she became fascinated by positive thinking, mindset, and brain science and tried to teach her crew and co-workers. What she learned from books was limited and she wanted to have a greater impact. She learned how to coach herself and the effect was incredible! She decided she wanted to learn to coach other people so they could experience the same transformation.

Attaining her first Life Coach Certification in February 2019, was a dream come true and an exciting opportunity to serve people in a way that amazed her and brought her paying clients. Just five months later, she quit her job at the lumber mill and became a full-time coach!

Working with Sheila has allowed people to heal relationships with their parents, spouses, co-workers, children, roommates, and even their exes! They discover that it all starts with their relationship with themselves.

Wanting to have an even bigger impact, she enrolled in The Life Coach School and will earn her 2nd certification in September 2020. She’s on her way to achieving her dream of becoming a Master Certified Coach, a coach trainer, and a world changer! 

Resiliency and compassion are Sheila’s super-powers. Her energy attracts incredible, hard-working, and supportive people, like her husband Joe, and together they’re building their legacy of love and being examples to their children of people who never give up on their dreams or each other.