My name is Paula Free and our nonprofit is Power On With Limb Loss (POWLL). I founded POWLL, in 2016, because I saw a huge need for local support for amputees in Oregon. After becoming an amputee from an motorcycle accident. Meeting other amputees and the excitement I felt with the camaraderie of planning events, I knew I needed to do something. Could you imagine being a small child and meeting someone for the first time that is missing a limb just like them. Then you meet an amputee that can run. WOW! That’s what happened to me and I’m a 66 year old Kid!!! I really never thought I would be able to run or go play again. BUTTTT! As of today I have run in 40 -5k runs, 4 Dirty dash runs. At the age of 64 I ran the Eugene 1/2 marathon.  Hiking mountains and much more. I’m having so much fun I want to get many other amputees to have fun also. 

Each year in the US 180,000 people become amputees. In 2019 we were able to support 188 kids and 419 adults with our activities, support groups and peer visiting and annual conference. Within the last four years POWLL has been able to volunteer with Camp- No- Limit for kids -send Jaya Mattes to camp, help buy him a wheel chair to play wheelchair basketball. We helped Joe Horton get 3d printed hands and he now has a prosthesis. 

We now have several peer visitors trained  and certified to do peer visits. Our campaign for this year is to have a medical perfectional seminar so we can educate them about our programs.

Our three main programs are Peer visiting with amputees, support groups, and adaptive activities for anyone with physicals Challenges. Our mission: We partner with and support amputees all over the united states and in our community to achieve independence and happiness.

Please visit us on Facebook, Instagram, and our website to see all that we do.