Our Founder: Georgiana Kovell


Georgiana Kovell is an International Sales and Performance Coach and all-around badass who’s worked with women around the world to transform their personal and professional lives. Georgiana created Millions of Women Strong in response to a desperate need for a positive, supportive space for women in business.

After years spent feeling she couldn’t reach her full potential in a masculine-driven corporate environment, Georgiana decided she could be a true “Catalyst for Massive Change” by empowering women entrepreneurs all around the world to play a bigger game: achieve their soul-stirring goals, earn more money more quickly, and create a life they adore.

Georgiana is passionate about establishing a community of strong female leaders by creating profitable and sustainable businesses with a positive social and economic impact, and that foster an environment where women are educated, supported, and encouraged.

Through Georgiana’s efforts and those of her supporters, Millions of Women Strong has begun to grow and transform into a thing of unparalleled awesomeness, touching and advancing the lives of strong female innovators across the US… and beyond!