My business is Laksiat- it’s an acronym I made up- ‘Leanne And Kevin Sitting In A Tree’ (Kevin is my spouse’s name).

I got into 3D printing- I was in a business programme. I decided that I’d make and market my invention the Poli*Shoe. I saw a gap in the market. And I thought there is a want for this product in the world. I met with a 3D printer to prototype my shoe. In later conversations, she said “You can do this. You can make these.” I took her advice, researched 3D printers, bought one, and began making them. Making them myself, on demand, instead of getting them made at a plastics company, I can personalise them and make them different colours of the filament I have or could buy.

I just looked at it and seeing that it’s a shoe, and it’s for nail polish (shoe + poli)  and it being a low poly shape, I came up with Poli*Shoe. 3 of my favourite things- Shoes, nail polish, and low poly.

Made to Order Poli*Shoe to the rescue! Long gone are the days of feeling like an octopus. This nail polish holder has been ergonomically designed to hold your polish for you, so you can paint your nails with ease and comfort. The Poli*Shoe can be personalized with your name on the heel and is available in a variety of colours. Poli*Shoes being personalized makes people happy- made just for them with their name on it.

With 3D printed products, I help bring businesses to life, 3D life that is. 3D products can help your business stand out from the crowd, so you can easily attract more prospective customers, like figurines, business names, hashtags, logos. They get noticed and get a conversation going or add something unforgettable and visually appealing. 

Last year I made personalized ornaments and gift tags for Christmas.