I started my payroll company in January 2016, I had just left my full-time career in sports medicine after we lost our son and knew I wanted to spend more time with my family.

When I started my company, I had 12 clients that I took over and quickly grew the first year to a full time workload. I love that my business has grown through word of mouth and personal referrals. In 2019, I was able to hire my first part-time employee and now in 2020 I have a full-time business partner.

I grew up in a small Oregon coastal town and have always been passionate about supporting local businesses. One thing I love is that a few of my clients I used to babysit for (way back when!) or worked in their restaurants when I was in high school. I love that I get to continue a professional and personal relationship with them and continue to support their businesses.

We work with clients that have 1 employee/owner payroll up to 30 employees. We strive to provide individual payroll solutions for each client that works specifically for them. We take care of the direct deposits, paying taxes, filing quarterly and year end reports so the owners can focus on what they do best, build their business.

We call ourselves part of your financial team. When your payroll person and your accountant or CPA have a great relationship, it makes it so easy for you to focus on your business. I think one thing that sets us apart from the rest, is that we are not the “big” guys. There is no hold music when you call. We are only a phone call, text or email away from helping you find solutions.

One of the biggest celebrations is happening right now. During this pandemic we have helped secure over $800,000 in Paycheck Protection funds for our clients. This money helps them continue to pay their employees and themselves regardless if their doors are open for the next 8 weeks. It gives them money to pay their rent/mortgage and pay their utilities.

It is indescribable the amount of joy it brings me to be able to help others. I feel so blessed that our business can help our clients not just survive this time but to help them come out thriving.