By Sandra Lee, MOWS Member, Biofield Tuning Practitioner & Human Design Specialist

“Within days of the Biofield Tuning session, I brought on five new clients.”

The previous week, we did Biofield Tuning for Brian’s business. While doing the tuning, I saw the underlying benefit that he provides for his customers — safety. Lightbulbs of realization flashed. As he was busy focusing on the daily work within his business, he hadn’t looked at things from this perspective. 

Doing Biofield Tuning, I helped his energy field to integrate and flow with this new understanding.

In the following days, voilá, he magnetized new work.

Here’s another story, showing that sometimes the most meaningful results come in places where no-one is looking.

“After the Human Design reading, a whole bunch of new people started asking for information about what I do.”

One of my Biofield Tuning clients decided to do Human Design. Jennifer had personal concerns, and was considering career changes. 

Her most impactful revelation was about something she hadn’t considered could even be a question.

Looking at her Human Design chart I explained, “You feel like no-one is ever able to keep up with you, and it’s frustrating.” Clearly this was causing strain within her marriage. She recognized the same friction within her other relationships. 

Jennifer hadn’t asked about this confusing relationship dynamic, yet now it made complete sense. Clearing this confusion ended up producing unexpected results.

When I saw her for Biofield Tuning the next week, she looked relaxed and peaceful. The pressure within her marriage had magically dissipated. Armed with new perspectives, she also experienced increased ease with her friends and clients.

What came next she only mentioned in an offhand way. She hadn’t recognized the Human Design connection. But I called her attention to it, explaining that this was evidence of people being attracted to her. 

Now in alignment with her Design, she was shining like a beacon to people who might benefit from her gifts. Social media contacts started asking for information about how she could serve them. Business prospects were materializing out of nowhere.

Doing Biofield Tuning for Jennifer, I saw more calmness in her energy field, with a more easeful, natural flow. With increased clarity about her role in the world, she was in alignment.

Isn’t that miraculous! Yes. And it’s how the energy of attraction works.

Attraction is what naturally happens when my thinking, emotions and actions are in alignment with my Design!

My Human Design chart is like a blueprint for who I am. Based on where the planets were at the time I was born, it shows what I am good at. 

Here’s a question that everybody asks, “Why Am I Here?”

Looking to Human Design to understand my Purpose, I can then align with it.

As Jennifer experienced, I start shining like a beacon to people who might benefit from my gifts.

Are you curious about Human Design and your Purpose?

I wish you the best of success, in your life and in your business.

Thank you.


Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee is a Biofield Tuning Practitioner, helping people to find freedom from pain, stress, overwhelm and trauma — using Sound. She is happy to schedule a complimentary consultation to see how Biofield Tuning might help you and your business.

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