By: Wendy Shugar

What is it that you are grateful for? Is there something that you appreciate in your life? How many times a day do you stop yourself and acknowledge the things you appreciate? 

Gratitude is an internal thing, you can choose to do, by being grateful for things about yourself, and also in attributes of others. What gratitude is not, it is NOT just saying “thank you” wrotely, because to be honest sometimes words without meaning means nothing. 

But there is this THING… sometimes we forget to actually take the time to recognize all the amazing things that define and enrich our lives!!!


I personally do not admit this much.  But I forget this a lot too.   I am not sure why we forget to do this….  Is it because we just go about our daily lives, not taking the time to be in the moment and acknowledge those around us who are important in our happiness?  Is it because someone taught us it is not OK to tell others how much we love them and are thankful for them? Or is it because we just don’t care?

What is gratitude?

Gratitude is more than an attitude or just a statement of thanks.  There is a definition out there floating around that says gratitude is “a felt sense of wonder, thankfulness and appreciation for life.” This definition is pretty amazing and opens us up to a plethora of opportunities to be grateful. The challenge is remembering to do it every day, especially during the tough times!  Gratitude for oneself, for others in your tribe, for humanity and frankly for the universe and all its offerings, is an amazing thing!


Here are a couple of ways to help inspire you to begin a gratitude practice. If you have one already, your ahead of the game, keep it up!!!

Journaling – Start a gratitude journal. This can and will help you during the good and bad times of life. Isn’t it time that we all start “training” ourselves to look for the good in everything, especially right now during these crazy ass times!

Take a Walk in Nature – Go outside and take a walk.  NATUREHEALS 100% of the time.  As you walk from one place to another, find as many beautiful things as possible to be grateful for. This increases your happiness levels, and it definitely will turn your “frown upside down.”  I always say go outside and make someone smile…. This is why!!

A Gratitude practice is a simple way to build a more positive outlook on life.  Practicing gratitude daily does not require a complicated process, but spending a few minutes every day will allow you to learn to have a greater appreciation of the good things around you and within you.

Here are couple more great reasons to start with gratitude “training”, to inspire you and to begin including gratitude practice into your life.

Relationships – Gratitude is the way to grow relationships.  Expressing gratitude for each other are motivators to maintain a relationship with each other.

Sleep – Gratitude before bed helps. 15 minutes of writing in a gratitude journal before bedtime, will promote better sleep patterns.

Happiness – Gratitude is linked to happiness.  If you need a quick way to cheer up, start listing things you are grateful for, to turn your emotions around. Acknowledge these things in gratitude.


One more thing here, please remember that gratitude, is a choice.  It is a choice that you make to look at the good things in your life, what you appreciate, and what you are thankful for.   Whether that means you are looking at the beautiful sunset, or the tree in the forest, or even receiving a kiss on the forehead from a loved one, remember that it is the little things in life that make it worth it! Spending time on gratitude daily helps things get better for sure!


If you allow yourself to enjoy and stay in the moment of gratitude and LOVE and

appreciate your life and all those around you then amazing things can and will happen!!


There you have it folks.  The thoughts on my mind and ideas to help you remember how awesome and helpful gratitude is in our lives!!!

Peace and Happiness

Wendy Shugar

Nature/Life Coach