By Lea Bayles, MA founder of Soul-Big Life™ Coaching and Bodymind Brilliance™

Play Your Way to a Better Business … and a Better World!


“Keep your foot on the gas pedal and never let it off.” This was the advice one of my clients got from a business coach. My client told me, “That sounded terrible, but I thought maybe my husband and I both just needed to buckle down and do that for the next few years.”


Keep your foot on the gas pedal and never let it off is terrible advice for driving a car or for living your life.


What happens if you drive a car this way?

You crash. You hurt people. You run out of gas.

What happens if you live your life this way? 

You crash. You hurt people. You run out of gas.


At least if you ruin a car by driving this way you can buy a different one. 


You can’t buy a new body, or soul, or life. 


Keep your foot on the gas pedal is terrible advice and yet how many times have you heard variations of it?


The work-harder-faster-longer-push-struggle-grind-path to success is so entrenched in our culture that even if you know how destructive it is, you can still get sucked back into it. 


You’ve probably gotten caught up in this crazy vortex of struggling and pushing. 


So have I. 


I pushed myself so hard to reach my big dreams that at 33 I had a serious immune system crash. It took me years to recover.


Fortunately, I knew in my heart there was a better way and I went on a healing journey to discover a way that was aligned with my body, mind, heart and soul. 


Pushing may work for you -as it did for me-  for a while. But it doesn’t scale and leads to burnout and feelings of loneliness, depletion and spiritual emptiness.


My favorite advice to create the life and the impact that you crave?

Play more. 

Play lots more.


“My best advice to young people: Don’t Ever Stop Playing….
Work and play go hand in hand, and both are crucial to your success and happiness.”  ~ Darell Hammond founder and CEO of KaBOOM!, one of the most successful non-profits in the USA

Bring a spirit of playfulness to everything you care about and you’ll get lots more done and have lots more fun. 

Most of us have taught that “playing” just means you’re goofing off or wasting time or being childish and that if you really care about something you should “take it seriously”. Not true!

“To be playful and serious at the same time is possible, and it defines the ideal mental condition.”  ~ John Dewey, inventor, educator and philosopher. 

Recovering from my immune system crash led me to study with masters of yoga, chi kung, energy medicine and mind-body healing.  Although these teachers were decades older than I was, they were vibrant, strong, youthful and had a powerful and playful presence. 

They taught me that play is a core principle of healing, success and spirituality.  

In these tumultuous times, when we are dealing with serious global challenges some people may dismiss play as silly, or inconsequential or unnecessary. 

Just the opposite is true.

Play engages your curiosity, imagination and zest. It amplifies your mental, physical and spiritual capacities and allows you to create, achieve and enjoy more of what you really want. 

As Joseph Chilton Pearce wrote “Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold.”  

For the success that delights your soul, for your physical and spiritual well-being and for bringing your best gifts to our precious world, you need play now more than ever.

Lea Bayles, MA founder of Soul-Big Life™ Coaching and Bodymind Brilliance™ empowers successful, sensitive, big-hearted, high-achievers to be grounded, strong and present even in the midst of chaos so that they can create powerful impact and achieve their bright goals and dreams without wearing themselves out.

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