Nathalie Ekobo

Position: Intuitive & Business Consultant


Nathalie Ekobo is an Intuitive and Master Business Consultant, featured in The Wall Street Journal, Fox, 3TV, CTV, and has been coaching over 11,000 people in the last 20 years. She is known as the Psychic with an MBA because she bridges intuition and effective business growth using powerful spiritual techniques.
Working with Nathalie, her clients, heart-centered women entrepreneurs, [often highly sensitive people (HSP)] typically double and sometimes triple their business revenue without overwhelm or any costly marketing.
Nathalie has shared the stage with other Light Leaders such as Dr. Judith Orloff, Marianne Williamson, and Dr. Rev. Michael B. Beckwith.

Find out if you are a Highly Sensitive Person: https://HSPleadership.com